What if You Could Change Your Personality?

There is a common misconception that our personality traits are fixed and cannot be changed. People think that their personality is not their choice and that it there is nothing they can do to change it. That is the farthest from the truth. Our personality is developed by years of positive and negative reinforcements from our parents, peers, teachers, family, and friends. Majority of us are unaware and do not understand how our personality traits are developed and that we have a choice on what personality we want.

Imagine going back to your teen years and you know that you can choose your personality traits, what would you choose? Are there traits that you want to change? Well, you are in luck because you can still make those changes. All you have to do is make the choice.

Here’s a life hack on changing yourself for the better. I’ve actually done this to help me improve.
1. Write down 5 traits that you want to change. Write it in this format,
“I want to be….”
2. Then replace “want to be…” with “AM”
3. Make this your daily mantra and say it out loud at the start of everyday and at the end of everyday. Do this for at least 60 days. Then assess yourself afterwards, you will be surprised at the changes in your personality.

I Tried The Rice Experiment And The Results Were Surprising

I’ve heard of the Rice Experiment that people were doing online wherein you place cooked rice in 2 separate jars and labelling them with “Love” and “Hate” and talk to each jar daily with love and hate accordingly.

Based on the study by Dr. Emoto, the human consciousness can affect the molecular structure of water. From this initial study, people all over the world have been doing the rice experiment and they are getting these amazing results. So, i decided to try it myself and see it with my own eyes. And this is the result…

My Experience in Bitcoin, Abra, and Coins.ph

On November 1, 2019, A good buddy of mine told me that he was investing in Bitcoins. We kept talking throughout November and i was researching about it for an entire month. On December 1, 2019, i activated my Abra account and a few days later, i funded it already and started buying bitcoins. Here’s what i learned about Abra and coins.ph

Q: How do i get started?
A: Download an Crypto Wallet. I opted for Abra, since my friend was using it. But there are others as well. Another one that i just recently am using is Coins.ph. Then just verify your account by taking a selfie, uploading your valid ID, and taking a selfie with your ID. After that, you can deposit money already thru Unionbank. Depositing to my Abra wallet was very easy.

Should You Post About Your Charitable Activities?

A week since the Taal Volacano erupted, so did the haters that expressed their annoyance at people posting about themselves helping the victims of Taal. Because of this, there are people that are now thinking twice about whether they should post about the charitable work or not.

Should you post about all the things that you do on social media? Here is the short and long answer for it. YES AND NO!

It really depends on where you are coming from. If you posting it comes from your authentic self and you are really just happy to share the good deed that you accomplished, then by all means post about it. But if you are posting it as a way to prop yourself up, then that means that you are doing it because of your ego’s need for affirmation. Now, there is nothing really wrong with it but just remember that doing things from your ego feels very empty and thus the need for validation.

At the end of the day, you are the only one that will know the answer to that question on what your intention for posting is. But if you are not sure of what your intention is for posting, then a way to gauge it is by assessing if you are affected by the haters that called you out for posting, then maybe its coming from your ego. Again, you are the only one that can determine that. You just have to be really honest with yourself.

For me, it doesn’t matter whether you post or not. If you can inspire people with your post so that more people help, then good for you. And don’t be affected by what others say. The only voice that should matter is your voice.

Are You Afraid of Bitcoin?

I realize that a majority of my friends are still afraid of Bitcoin. And when i hear them talk about their fears, it seems to revolve around common themes and reasons that people have. By all means, this is not an exhaustive list, but merely some of the reasons that i have been hearing…

  1. Bitcoin is Volatile – Yes it is and that is not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing. Its good for day traders because you can make quick money each day because of the volatility. But i am not affected by the volatility because i am in it for the long haul and am planning to accumulate bitcoins for the next 10 years. Volatility is expected because bitcoin is still relatively young and has not yet hit maturity. Once it matures, it will be stable and very very valuable like other mature currencies. Also, consider that the stock market is volatile and yet people trade daily.
  2. Bitcoin is not real – people have this impression that since its not physical or tangible, that its not real and has no value. The currencies of the entire world is not tangible. Only 8% of all money is physical cash, the rest is online. Value is not based on tangibility, it is based on community. The biggest companies in the world are not tangible: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft to name a few.
  3. What if the internet shuts down – if the internet shuts down, the entire world will go into chaos. That is a doomsday scenario that will see the end of the modern world. But the bitcoin may have a better chance of survival compared to the world’s currencies, because its decentralized and the ledger is on a blockchain and each bitcoin owner has their own private key to verify their ownership.
  4. I don’t understand it – the best way to allay your fears is to know the unknown and to learn about it. Knowledge is the best weapon against fear. And i encourage each and everyone of you to challenge your fears like i did and poke holes at this technology. I couldn’t find anything that makes me doubt the growth of this technology. Maybe you could prove me wrong.

What Are You Willing To Suffer For?

This question is the ultimate test of your conviction for what you believe in, what you truly value, and what are you willing to fight for. This is the true meaning of Passion. Most people dont know that the root of passion is suffering or “to suffer”. In the Modern day, we equate passion to doing something you love. But if you dig deeper, it makes sense that passion is actually “to suffer” because if you love something so much, you must be willing to suffer for it.

Instead of asking “what is it that you love to do?”, the real question is, “what is it that you love to do that you are willing to suffer for it?” And whatever that is will lead you to your true passion.

Watch This If You Are Disrespected/ Bullied/ Abused/ Mistreated.

I remember growing up, some of my classmates would try to bully me, and each time someone tried to bully me, i fight back immediately. After that, the bullies realize that i’m not worth bullying cuz i fight back. It was instinctual for me to never allow anyone to bully me and i dont even think about the consequences of my actions. I am just the type to push back when pushed.

As an adult, i have not experienced being bullied or disrespected or abused, until i got into this one relationship where my girlfriend started to treat me badly, disrespect me, and it turned into abuse. I was shocked that it was happening to me since i am a very strong person and i would never allow anyone to do that to me, and yet she was doing it to me.

I had to do a lot of soul searching and i had to assess my self and why it was happening to me. Then it dawned on me that she was abusing me physically and emotionally and psychologically, because “I ALLOWED HER”. The moment i realize this, i went from a helpless victim to being empowered. I decided that i will “NOT ALLOW” her to abuse me anymore and that it was my choice. This is how i got my power back. When i decided this, and she tried to emotionally abuse me again, i fought back and let her know that she cannot abuse me and disrespect me and treat me badly and that if she doesn’t stop, then i will leave the relationship.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have the emotional maturity and awareness to control herself and her emotions, so difficult as it was, i decided to leave the relationship because i will not allow anyone to do that to me anymore.

For all those that are experiencing this from your partner or anyone else, love yourself enough to protect yourself from emotional, psychological, physical harm and it starts with a decision to “NOT ALLOW” anyone to treat you badly.